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Meidam - House Of Dermatology

On behalf of the MEIDAM 2022 Scientific Committee, we invite resident doctors to submit their original cases or research abstracts and get a chance to present at this year’s 7th MEIDAM Conference & Exhibition in Dubai, UAE, from 23 – 25 September 2022.

Abstracts submission will be open from Wednesday, 25 May 2022, until Monday, 18 July 2022.

Kindly, review the below Guidelines before submitting your work:

Residents Presentation Competition is a new session of the MEIDAM Conference & Exhibition, 2022. It is open to all dermatology residents currently in training or recently graduated within the last 2 years (class 2020). Applicants may choose to present Research Projects, Clinical Cases, or Updated Reviews.


      1. Presentation must be in English
      2. presentation must be submitted as PowerPoint
      3. Patient confidentiality must be protected; data/photos must be de-identified
      4. Research Projects must follow the following format:
        Title: name, postgraduate year, affiliation, conflict of interest declaration
        -Introduction: background for the study stating its objective or hypothesis
        – Methods: discussing the design, setting, patients, and interventions
        – Results: test, tables, and illustrations to show the most important findings.
        – Discussion: important aspects of the study and its conclusion.
        – References: original research sources that are directly
      5. Clinical Cases must follow the following format:
        Title: name, postgraduate year, affiliation
        History: brief relevant history and review of systems
        Examination: detailed clinical findings with good quality photos
        Investigations: completed relevant work-up
        Discussion: summary of the diagnosis and its importance to dermatology
      6. Updated Reviews must use the following format:
        – Classic articles supporting the current practice
        – New articles supporting new practice
        – Articles generating clinical controversy
        – Articles showing new experimental approach
        – Articles showing new technological innovation
      7. Presentations must avoid commercialism. Trade names should be avoided
      8. Time frame is 12 minutes (10minutes for content and 2 minutes for questions)
      9. Presentations should be submitted online through MEIDAM’s website
      10. Provide a letter including proof of your enrollment in any residency program or year of graduation
      11. Submission deadline is on until Monday, 18 July 2022.

    The scientific committee will evaluate the content of each presentation based on the educational value it presents. Your presentations will be judged by the committee and based on it, top 3 presentations will be nominated and awarded. Notification letters of acceptance will be sent via email between Monday, 1 August to Friday, 5 August 2022.

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